Ladies and Gentlemen,

We live in fast times and under the pressure of daily challenges. The hectic pace of life makes us crave relaxation within the context of our work, social and family events. Conference organizers prepare academic programs with the highest care, and also seek out new methods of cultural integration for their content, to provide the best possible experience to clients and special guests.

With those needs in mind, the artist agency BLUE STONE proposes a unique SHOW, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Our offer includes:

  • A six-piece band with fantastic adaptations of Elvis Presley’s biggest hits (total time: 60 min)
  • A solo performance by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, with professional background music (total time: 45 min)
  • A disco dance party of the biggest hits from the 70s/80s/90s, as well as contemporary rock music

Our highest priority is to captivate you with the beauty of the music and invite you to a joyous party! Looking forward to our collaboration!

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phone: +48 502 718 173